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The Cairo Declaration
The Light and Hope for the Islamic Ummah

23. Rabiee Al Awal - 1424 H. - 24 May 2003

Order of the Day issued by The Bagheban - Al Assad Al Musaalim , to all IslamPeace-IUT Organisations, Institutions, Madrases, Yellow Crescent Pioneer Units and Da'awa Workers. The Order was read by the local Bagheban and YC Commanders during the daily roll-call after Fajr Prayers.

" Bismihi Ta'ala" BAGHEBAN-E ISLAM - TALA'IAYU AS-SALAAM - ZAREIN AL ARD ! As salaamu aleiqum ... We announce a state of full Alert effective immediately ! Al Saqoor, Al Nusoor and Al Fajr Units have ben reinforced and positioned to ensure maximum protection and security. The threats are real and must not be treated lightely ! Today the Muslim World is overshadowed by violent, and misguided groups. The peaceful majority of our people closes the doors in fear and desire to stay out of the controversy. SABR is the motto used too often to excuse their in-difference and apathy, although ALL would like changes for the better ! - SABR - Patience is a good vertue when applied correctly, but a lame excuse for passivness. Too many seem to lay low to avoid the storm, or hoping that it shall pass over their heads.

Since the events of Sep 11, which of course have started much before, the Kalashnikov and Dynamite belts have become symbols of destruction and fear. The Bagheban, raising a field-spade, from a pile in front of the commanders, declared with a powerful and thundering voice of faith, committment and compassion " TODAY THIS SPADE HAS BECOME A SYMBOL OF CONSTRUCTION AND HOPE ! THE SPADE IS OUR TOOL TO SHAPE AND BEAUTIFY THE ISLAMIC GARDEN, BAGHE ISLAM, TO BREAK THE GROUND AND LAY THE CORNER-STONES FOR A BETTER MORROW ! " The Bagheban then picked up a Holy Qur'an and held both in the right hand high into the air ... ' THE SPADE AND THE HOLY QUR'AN ARE THE SYMBOL OF THE BAGHEBAN, YES OF THE YELLOW CRESCENT AND THE ISLAMIC-UNIVERSAL TRANSFORMATION ! WE ALL TOGETHER SHALL CARRY THIS HOPE TO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THIS EARTH, AND THROUGHOUT THE ISLAMIC UMMAH, JOINED BY THE LIKE- MINDED " ....

Bagheban-e Islam - Tala'iayu As Salaam, Zarein Al Ard , Muslim and Muslima ... YOU are the Ground Breakers, the Path Finders, Defenders of the Innocent, Preservers of Life ,Carriers of Hope, Champions of the Islamic Ummah, towards a better future, a better morrow ! YOU ALL, ONE BY ONE, fullfill a great historic mission, uplifters and representatives of the true Islamic Traditions, the pure in heart, the compassionate, closest to the teachings and example set by our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAWAS, Messenger of Allah, Sabhanahou wa Ta'ala. His spirit and those of the early great companions pulses in your vains, and we salute you - Heros of the Islamic-Universal Transformation ! We, your Leaders are but your humble servants, as we all together are servants of Allah, SWT !
The world is in turmoil, fear roams the streets, Al Qaida has become a Name of horror and terror ! Their members being hunted from place to place from hide-out to hide-out ! WHAT A TERRIBLE WASTE OF ISLAMIC ENERGY - How much more could they have accomplished with the spade instead of the Kalashnikov ! The Islamic Nation is under condemnation, because of a FEW ! Does it really have to take the course of total confrontation ? - NO AND NO !!!
Our focus must be on the advancement and uplift of our own people ! We claim restitution from the West, but at the same time we claim restitution from the wealthy Arab and Islamic States , not for personal gain but for the welfare of the Ummah
We call upon these states : SHARE YOUR WEALTH , initiate reforms and educate your people for mutual benefit and advancement into a better future ! Rise to central positions within the Ummah, contribute and receive rich rewards in return !

Rise above apathy and fear - prove to yourselves, the Ummah and the world, what we REALLY are about - A NOBLE NATION , A GREAT NATION , A LIGHT AND GUIDING BEAM ! TAKE STOCK, TAKE CARE , TAKE COURAGE AND FOLLOW US !
The Yellow Crescent Peace Pioneers and Da'awa workers under the leadership of The Bagheban, are spreading in all directions to take this message of Light and Hope, like the messengers sent forth from Mecca and Medinah throughout the lands, in the early days of Islam. Allahou Akbar !

Wa salaamu aleiqum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatou
Bagheban-e Islam Al Odhma, Khalil Abdullah, Al Andalusi, Al Almani
" The Bagheban - Al Assad Al Musaalim " Baadhoye Behesht Mivizand The Winds to Paradise are blowing !

IUTAR HDQ - Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt


- 23. Rabiee Al Awal - 1424 H. - 24 May 2003

The roll-call was concluded by handing each Peace Pioneer and Da'awa worker their field-spade and Holy Qu'ran, the ensignia of the Bagheban-e Islam and the IP-IUT Islamic-Universal Transformation

We bemourn with the free world the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire
Enlightened Islam is an Islam of Peace and peaceful tolerant co-existence with all people of this earth. - Mukharram 1427 H.

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